The ICOM Network.

Since May 2006, Switch has been a proud and active member of ICOM, the world’s leading network of international independent advertising agencies – attending board meetings at both regional and worldwide level.

Just two years after the company was founded, Switch managed to draw international attention. After going through rigorous testing in various areas of specialisation including both the account management and creative departments, Switch was selected to represent the ICOM brand name, adding yet another country to their 80+ offices worldwide.

Since then, Switch has worked on various international pitches with ICOM, winning one major project form the European Commission. In 2012 ICOM merged with the smaller and younger IN Network, effectively becoming the largest network of independent communications agencies worldwide.

Being a member.

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We have real opportunities to learn, share and improve through the help of fellow network members. Having contacts and regular meet-ups with so many international agency leaders gives us a chance to constantly improve the way the agency works – making sure we are always ahead of the curve, placed next to some of the world’s largest agencies.

Going global.

Being an ICOM agency also allows us to provide our clients with international contacts, skills and expertise. Not only do we have the capabilities to help our clients develop, expand and grow through the help of international partners, but we can also step in to guide them on the best practices when crossing international borders and marketing in different countries.

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Working with Olomana Loomis ISC

Working with Olomana Loomis ISC

The ICOM Network is an invaluable resource for Switch. It’s funny, there are many memberships available that are just a stamp of approval. Something you do to check off a box.  ICOM…

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