U is for Usage

U is for Usage

When hearing the word usage, the first thing that comes to mind is my monthly data usage *yikes*. However, apart from the fact that this month I will be paying a lot, we could also focus on the many different usages of the internet.
Be it shopping, messaging, gaming, researching, or getting lost in the thousands of Maury and “cute cat” videos, we are all using the internet for large portions of every single day.
Shopping online has become one of the biggest uses of the internet. Online shopping has benefitted the whole planet, allowing you to purchase anything that is available anywhere around the world.
ASOS, River Island, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, you name it! All of these are massive online clothing outlets that generate millions in online revenue daily. However, let’s not forget the biggest stores online; eBay and Amazon. These 2 websites have everything you need in a click of button, and will be delivered to your door a few days later.
Nowadays everyone also uses the internet to text each other. WhatsApp has become one of the biggest applications on smartphones. It became so popular that they are now implementing it on computers and tablets! Fun fact for you: WhatsApp is worth $19 Billion. This application is the reason to why people are non-stop on their mobiles texting.
Usage of digital gif
Not only do people pay to have Wifi at home (and how can we forget the good old days of the dial-up internet? Not being able to connect to MSN because someone was on the phone – horrible memories), but they also pay for internet data to be used on their mobiles, despite the free Wifi spots available. This is because we all want to be connected and to communicate. Humans fear loneliness – this is why we are always glued to our phones, even when waiting on line at the bank.
This is why digital marketing has become so efficient. The internet has brought new opportunities for brands to advertise, to reach to possible customers, and communicate with their audience. Take a look at Facebook, by simply scrolling through the homepage we see different sponsored-post, all belonging to different businesses that try to reach us. What about those newsletters we receive in the email that remind us about a product or service that we are interested in? I love those daily reminders!
Just imagine having no internet available, and an essay about “The Evolution of Humanity” to be handed in tomorrow. Pretty much impossible right? And can you think of a faster way to reach out to your customers?  I think not. The digital era has given us the opportunity to communicate with our audience right away; we are able to interact with them almost immediately – that is an advantage we definitely didn’t have before.
We have reached an era where we cannot imagine our life without the internet, both for personal and professional use. The effectiveness of digital marketing has allowed companies to expand their business overseas, reach new markets, and increase their audience’s brand awareness. There is no going back now, just forward, so make sure that you make the most of the online world.
Happy browsing!

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