Why I chose marketing

As a kid I really wanted to become an astronaut and explore the galaxy – but yeah, that didn’t quite work out as planned. I am now aspiring to strive in the marketing field. Why? Simple – “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Do you want to sit at a desk everyday of your life and let your job take over? Or do you want to meet people, learn customer trends, styles, understand the way people think, create innovative adverts, receive first hand feedback, create competitions and watch people enjoy taking part? That’s what I thought.
Every since I was young(er), I always enjoyed watching adverts – this is how I decided I wanted to become one of those persons who comes up with the ideas for the ads. Every year they would get better and better. One day I found the goldmine of advertisements, the SUPERBOWL; Doritos and bud light to be precise. Just imagine being the person coming up with these brilliant adverts:
Advertising can be tricky, but when it’s done properly you can just sit back, sip on your coffee and watch it go viral. Shout out to Evian, hats off to their advertising strategy. To this day people still talk about their baby adverts.
Even though their advert doesn’t actually show their product throughout, they have managed to grab the audience attention through humour – the customer engagement was huge! But keep in mind, viral commercials does not necessarily lead to a growth in sales. In actual fact, after the baby roller skating commercial, sales had declined for Evian.
But when a commercial is out of this world, then sales increase by, let’s just say 107% *cough* Old Spice *cough*.
To me marketing isn’t just a job, it’ a hobby. I always enjoyed the fact that there is competition, and one of your main aims is to beat that competition. Pricing strategies, effective commercials, promotions, whatever it may be, you must strive to make your product the top-selling product! If other companies can do it, why can’t you? “The sky is the limit”, I disagree, you have no limits, take a field trip within your imagination and think of anything that can beat your competitors.

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