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FAQ special – Is your site ready for Google's biggest update in years?

If you’ve been on or around any online marketing blog you probably know that Google is rolling out one of its biggest updates in years today. It’s been referred to as “mobilegeddon” and it will affect a large number of search results.
In a hurry? This is all you need to know: Google will be giving higher rankings to mobile-friendly sites for searches that originate from smartphones.
Have some more time? Then read on.
We’ve compiled a short post with a set of the most common questions our clients have been asking us and the answers we’ve been giving them.

First off – how will this affect you?

This depends on your answer to the next question:

Is your site mobile friendly?

If you’re not really sure, then you can check out what Google itself thinks. Just insert your website’s address here and you’ll learn soon enough.There’s no ranking, your site either passes the test or it fails it.
Passed the test? Then this is good news for you. You now have an advantage over people whose sites fail the test on mobile searches. Failed? Going forward, when people use mobile phones to search for keywords that you ranked well on previously, your site’s ranking will drop down the rankings.

Why should I care?

These two (identical) statistics should make you care:

With numbers like these, the only thing that remains surprising is why not more people are putting a bigger effort into making their website mobile-friendly.

What should I do?

Simple – if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, then get in touch with your favourite web design agency (us, quite naturally) and get us working on a site immediately. If you’re not quite ready for that, the least you can do is start creating some new pages that are mobile-friendly. The ranking is based on pages, not whole sites, so this way you can start winning Google over on your new content.

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