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Using Facebook groups to maximise business potential

If you’re constantly searching for that next big thing to boost your business’ reach then perhaps it’s time for you to try tapping into the potential of Facebook groups. There are two routes you could take – you could choose to create a group, or you could choose to join a group.
Either way, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when joining a Facebook group.

1. Don’t focus on sales

First things first, you can’t simply join a group and blast everyone with your products and sales offers. You’ll probably end up being deleted. Neither can you create a group and use it as a billboard to post all of your products and services – people won’t pay much attention to you if you do.

2. Be helpful

Perhaps the easiest way to get people to like you is by being helpful. Share useful links and tidbits of information, answer people’s questions (if you know the answer) and provide insider information. This will allow people to feel that they can depend on you, it will also show you’re a nice person who genuinely cares.

3. Be engaging

Similar to the above point you’ve got to be engaging in order for people to like you. Interact with others, be a valuable member in the group. Be the person who gets things going, even if it’s simply by asking an interesting question.
Facebook groups

4. Stop, collaborate, and listen

More than just a Vanilla Ice lyric, this is actually a great piece of wisdom! Facebook groups can present great opportunities to network and form connections. You can learn from other people’s experiences, plan things together, and even simply observe what people like and dislike.

5. Share things from your page

If you’re involved in a Facebook group you can easily share posts from your page with the people in the group. Of course make sure what you’re sharing is relevant and don’t force anything onto anyone! Keep it casual and play it cool.

6. Share things from other pages

If you want to show you’re a team player then share things from other people’s pages. Combining this with the above point shows that you think about more than yourself and you’re willing to acknowledge other people’s efforts!

7. Allow customers to communicate

If you’ve got a group for your business’ page then this is the perfect space to allow your customers to communicate between themselves. Never doubt the power of word of mouth! So while it’s important to always offer proper customer service, it’s also great to have loyal customers helping out other loyal customers.
facebook group, allow your customers to communicate between themselves

8. Build a sense of community

Based on the above point, Facebook groups are perfect for building a sense of community. So if you sell hiking shoes a Facebook group dedicated to the joys (and pains) of hiking could be the perfect way to interact with your audience whilst subtly marketing your product.

9. Branding

If you’re creating a Facebook group be sure to incorporate a level of branding – you can do this through the cover photo and the occasional posts linked to your product.

10. Get feedback

Facebook groups break down boundaries and become more personal. Don’t be afraid to ask people for feedback, make them feel exclusive by sharing some upcoming ideas (without giving it all away) and asking what they think. Who knows, you might get the best piece of advice you’ve ever hear

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