What's next, step by step.

What's next?

The last time I contributed to this blog, I went on an extended rant about the sequence of events that life threw my way while I was busy getting Switch off the ground. Taking a dream and turning it into four walls, the whirring of Macs, ringing phones, and a team of talented nutjobs is quite an arduous one. But here we are, twelve years on as I’m sure you’ve heard, and things are looking brighter than ever.
But I can never stand still. While I’m putting the finishing touches on one project, I’m already starting the next. And usually dreaming about another couple that I’ll get my hands on within the near future. So here’s a little backstory and a sneak peek about the next project that’s brewing in the Switch ecosystem.
When I left the world of large agencies to create a smaller, more boutique-style, outfit, I was mainly attracted by the possibility of more design freedom. And while agency work remains thrilling, I’ve always felt more personally invested in projects that require pure design.
There’s a satisfaction to the process of taking a problem and designing a solution to it, creating a functional outcome that can be beautiful in its very nature, often without the need of decoration. With the team of exceptional designers at Switch I’m happy to have worked on projects that go from the production of an electric tricycle to the revival of The Wembley Store in Valletta and the shop-in-shop concept of the Victor Azzopardi flagship store in Pieta’. We’ve turned naked spaces into personal, functional, beautiful homes and created bespoke retail furniture and entire office spaces.
Miko trix, electric tricycle
Miko Victor Azzopardi jewellers

Now we’re pushing on to the next level

We’re in the incubation stages of a workshop project that will create a much more hands-on space for the Switch team to spend their thinking and creative time while providing us with a structure that will focus purely on design. There’s a lot in the oven right now and we’re slowly turning a new space we’ve taken over into this hub of creativity and spatial design. I’m not giving too much away right now but please do watch this space. It will turn into something quite interesting, quite soon.

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