Switch: my springboard towards a new start

I left France in March, jobless. I arrived in Malta feeling lost in my professional life and nervous to be the newcomer at Switch. At the time, I didn’t know what kind of company I was about to join and the effect that this experience would have on me.

Landing in the storm

My past work experiences left me confused and uneasy. Even though I had learnt plenty and encountered wonderful people, I had experienced constant pressure and tense atmospheres. Two and a half years into the work sector, I had convinced myself I wasn’t made for marketing and that I should reconsider my career path. But… what would I do instead? I was lost when I arrived in Malta, thirsty for change and eager to better my English.
The Job Centre in France found me an internship in an online marketing agency in Malta called – surprise, surprise – Switch! Switch was the perfect company to help me improve my English and allow me to work within my skillset. But regardless of the opportunity, I was still perplexed and anxious.
Before setting foot on the island, I had learnt that it seldom rains in Malta. Well, not in my experience. In my first couple of weeks, I experienced the storm which caused the Azure Window to collapse. I was so disappointed. The weather reflected my state of mind, unstable and grey, but the insecurity wouldn’t last long.

Discovering Switch and the Maltese Islands

After only a couple of weeks at Switch, I felt at home. When my family asked about my experience in Malta, I found myself answering “Honestly? It’s great! The team is wonderful, people welcomed me warmly, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, they are incredibly good at what they do. I’ve never learnt so much in such a short period of time”. I wasn’t saying all of this for the sake of reassuring them, I honestly felt that way. Kirsten showed me all the tricks behind managing Adwords and Facebook campaigns. Melissa, who is bursting with energy and ideas, involved me in social media analysis and copywriting, and David gave me some tips in SEO targeted at human outreach emails.

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Following the storm, I also started to explore the Maltese islands and their amazing landscape. I met their tiny, green, inhabitants (chameleons), had a drink in the surprisingly stunning Popeye Village. I touched the ochre sand of Għajn Tuffieha Bay, soaked my feet in the fresh water of Ramla Bay and admired the turquoise colour of the Blue Lagoon. I bought some local vegetables from the Marsaxlokk Market and walked along the streets of ancient Valletta. I also learned how to cross a road successfully (not minding zebra crossings), and picked up some Maltese words like ‘mela’ or the cute ‘illallu’ on the way.

Leaving in the sun

After three months in Malta, my mood is sunnier, my brain is rejuvenated, my confidence is higher and my skin is tanned-ish! That’s the type of transformation Switch has on people. How could it not, with Kirsten’s: “No worries, don’t stress, just do your best” and Melissa’s “Well done girls! You’re amazing!” and Lindsey’s “Bravo girls! Super happy with your work!”?
Switch highlights the importance of staying ‘human’, and not a day goes by without laughter in the open office, sweets, cakes or chocolates in the kitchen. It’s the same with clients: Switch offers no standard proposal for projects, only dynamic ideas adapted to the client in question. The human element even transpires to the way in which you communicate to your brand’s audience – and this is where Switch excels.
It’s certainly this sincere and strong objective which ensures a good quality of life at in the Switch headquarters. This mindset pushes you to be better at your job, every day.
It's Pie Day at Switch Malta
My short time at Switch helped me achieve a new start, find confidence in myself, improve my English and meet great people. It was an amazing experience and I’ll certainly miss Malta – and of course, the whole Switch Team!
Thank you Switch. It has been a pleasure.

Thank YOU Caroline for an amazing few months! We loved having you here, even though you’re vegan. So happy the internship worked out for you – we all wish you the best of luck in your next move! – The Switch Team

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