Merger of Switch

What happened to Switch Digital?

In internet time, Switch Digital was founded a few decades ago. In reality, it has only been three years. Back then, we were frustrated at the lack of a proper digital agency, one that specialised in the field rather than dabbled in it. Switch Digital was born with this focus in mind and, to be perfectly honest, we had no idea how quickly it would grow. We grew for all the right reasons. Talented and skilled and enthusiastic minds joined the team, every one adding their experience and innovation to the recipe. Happy clients recommended us to awesome people who, in turn, became awesome clients. So the team and the client base grew in a virtuous cycle until the ‘digital’ bit of Switch had effectively doubled the company in size and revenue.

Then the borders became fuzzy

The specialist digital team worked more closely with the creative pool and vice versa until there was no internal distinction any more. All we were left with was the headache of managing two social streams and two sites when we only needed one drinking session for the entire team. Which page do we post the more embarrassing shots to? So we looked at ourselves as we would look at a client and told ourselves what we would tell a client. Sort your shit out and communicate like the single brand that you are. So here we are. We’re Switch. We’re adept at telling stories to an audience, wherever that audience may be.
What this means for our clients and partners is that the incredible pool of talent and specialised digital marketing that was available under the Switch Digital brand is still around and growing as fast as we can possibly manage it. The creative team that has crafted so many stories for so many years within the Switch umbrella is also here, and also growing steadily to add skills, perspectives and personalities. You just have an easier way of getting in touch with us. Isn’t that what you’d have wanted us to recommend to you?

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