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Beautiful Web Design

Your website represents your business in a way that nothing else does. Getting it right is vital to potential customers and clients having a positive experience.

At Switch, we specialise in interpreting brand characteristics, values and audiences. We then combine form and function into a gorgeous web experience that just works.

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Full-service agency

Thanks to Switch being a multidisciplinary team, you can rest assured that your website will check all the marketing and brand boxes that you need checked.

Once we’ve looked into the business case and the marketing needs of your site, it will move through the agency, getting every aspect of it perfected for your needs. Professional copywriters will write copy that converts, SEO experts will ensure that your site is ready to rank, our developers will ensure that everything runs smoothly and our design team will craft every last pixel. We can also handle completely bespoke photography and video to make your site stand out even further.

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Custom Web Development

No two businesses are the same, and no two websites should be either.

We’re no strangers to complex technical and design requirements. Our UX/UI-focused design team creates beautiful web experiences that are then translated into SEO-optimised, bespoke, high-performance websites.

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The Backbone of your B2B Business

Being a full-service marketing agency, we understand that your website can be what makes or breaks your business.

Websites are ground zero for most business transactions and lead generation, and serve as data hubs for marketing campaigns across all the major advertising platforms. Making sure your website is specifically designed and optimised to consistently generate qualified leads is our ultimate goal.

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eCommerce stores are popping up everywhere now. And it’s for a number of reasons.

Creating an eCommerce site is like opening a brand new brick & mortar store, but without all the expensive overheads that come with it. Other than that, it also gives an excellent boost to your digital marketing efficiency thanks to trackable conversions. It’s an absolute no-brainer. We even have options where you can get your site up and running with little-to-no upfront costs.

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A beautifully functional website is useless without traffic being fed to it.

And the king of generating quality traffic has always been organic search. Ranking well on Google isn’t an easy task, but it’s made infinitely easier if you have a website that has been designed and created by experts in both web design and SEO. Read more about how we win at SEO.

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Next-Level Digital Marketing

A well-designed, well-optimised and well-equipped website can unlock huge potential for your digital marketing.

Through the use of analytics and tracking pixels, your website can become the most useful selling tool in your arsenal. With the data gathered, we can create a conversion funnel that advertises your business to potential clients, then retargets those who engage or visit the website with more personalised messaging. Retargeted ads enjoy click-through rates that are 10x higher than the typical ad. And those who are retargeted are more likely to convert by 43%. Those numbers speak for themselves.

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