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Client: Lucy Makeup Store
Date: April 2020
Services: photography, website

This particular project is one of our latest, and one which we feel demonstrates what can be achieved when both client & agency are working together in the most efficient possible ways.

When Franks approached us to launch an eCommerce project for the Lucy Make-Up store, we were in the eye of the Covid-19 tornado, where all physical stores were made unavailable. To counter this loss in revenue, Lucy needed to go online, ASAP.

Within 2 and a half weeks of winning the project, we had the site up and running, but actually generating revenue from an eCommerce store is a different story. In tandem with the website’s development, we set-up an online ad strategy to drive the right individuals to the store at exactly the right time, all while building Lucy as the go-to local online make-up brand.

Using the substantial data we gained from our audience’s interactions with us, both on social media, and through the website, we built a system of targeting and retargeting that feeds a steady stream of warm leads to the website, resulting in loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

Within a matter of weeks, we were generating the revenue of a pre-Covid brick and mortar store, with none of the expenses usually associated with a physical shop. This allowed our client to comfortably plan and execute the return of physical retail within the new commercial reality, post-Covid, without the financial pressure they would have otherwise faced.


The biggest testament to the success of the project, however, is that the online store is still generating as much revenue as one of their medium-sized brick and mortar stores, so effectively Lucy came out of the COVID lockdown with a business that’s bigger and better than it was before the pandemic hit.

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