J is for Jaded

J is for Jaded


No, we’re not talking about the Aerosmith hit, no matter how good it may have been. We’re talking about being jaded in the aspect of digital marketing. Let’s refresh your memory. Jaded means “bored or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something.” Sounds like a familiar feeling?
Being jaded in the digital world has become common. It’s something that any serious digital marketer would take into consideration and plan for. It comes into effect in many ways, here are two of the most important ones to keep in mind.

Ad Blindness

As a society we’ve become almost immune to advertising. We see ads everywhere from the moment we wake up and drive to work, to the moment we get into bed. We’re bombarded with special offers, marketing campaigns, and non stop adverts. Eventually we get so used to these that they become background noise. We automatically tune out and stop paying attention (unless it’s an advert for a product we’re interested in). When it comes to online advertising our eyes have become accustomed to the positioning of ads, such as banners, in particular locations on a website. We filter out these adverts, focussing on the valuable information instead. Of course the ads do work to a certain level, specifically on a subconscious one. However it’s important to constantly update your ad sets and not let them run for too long.
Fresh cushion

Same tactics, different day

Everything in the digital world works as though it’s on overdrive, and this includes campaign lifetimes. Trends come and go quicker than anything on a Paris runway. Staying at the top of the game is quite the challenge. Consumers become accustomed to the same marketing tactics. They start to see past the charade and learn how the game works. Things in the digital world tend to become overdone. They reach such a high point of virality that eventually they become annoying (like planking, and even the ice bucket challenge) whereas the same competitions become dragging (think ‘like my photo to help me win’).
Thankfully we’re seeing a shift from the short term, high engagement campaigns – the kind of campaigns which don’t last very long but create a peak in engagement. Once these campaigns fizzle out, the brand’s reach goes back to normal until the next big competition comes around. These days the focus is more on having consistency – being relevant throughout in order to have true, genuine engagement and a loyal fan base.
By analysing the top marketing trends and constantly thinking of innovative ways of engaging your audience you’ll automatically improve your chances of remaining relevant. Don’t fall into a marketing rut where you simply copy what your competitors do – dare to be different, and always make it new.

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