Facebook for business update. Have you spotted it?

Facebook for business update. Have you spotted it?

If you’re the owner of a Facebook page then you might have realised that there have been some slight changes.
The first on the list is in relation to your Messages.

What is it?

Facebook now provides the option to save replies – these are replies you frequently use which you may keep close at hand.
This way, if you get many messages asking you what’s found in the “Surprise chicken casserole” you can quickly hit the saved reply instead of typing it out each time!
Facebook message Switch

Why do we love it?

You can create saved replies and insert automatic fields which will include information lifted from the page such as the person’s name, the admin’s name, and even your URL and address.
It makes life easier, and for those who receive many messages during the day, this will definitely be a mini life saver as it can really help boost productivity.
The second change is still related to Facebook messages but in a different aspect.
Welcome, to the new green icon.
Okay, so you might not have seen this anywhere yet because from what we’ve gathered, it’s still being rolled out.
However we did notice that one of the pages we manage had this:
Facebook Business

What’s this?

Basically it looks as though Facebook will be adding the little green icon to pages that have high response rates to the messages they receive. And by high we mean high! To get the icon you’ve got to respond to 90% of all your messages and have a median response time of 5 minutes.

Why do we love it?

This means that brands who care about their customers will be rewarded by having the icon showing that they’re quick. This in turn will improve their customer/brand relationship and also improve customer loyalty.
So keep your eyes peeled and get ready to start answering those messages ASAP.

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