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Client spotlight: Max Factor Malta

It’s not every day you meet a new client who knows exactly what they want. When we first met the team behind Max Factor Malta, we were impressed to see that they already had a solid idea of what social media marketing could mean for their business.
Convincing clients to invest in Facebook management usually takes quite a bit of effort – not this time, though. This time, their sleeves were rolled up and ready to get right down to work.
The Max Factor Malta Facebook page was already up and running by the time they approached us. They already understood the importance of organic reach and user engagement for brand awareness and front of mind recognition, but from the start of October, they needed help with making it happen.
Enter Switch.

The Challenge

We had one job: Make the Facebook page work for the brand, while sticking to the Global Brand Guidelines.
Max Factor has an incredible history, excellent products and a reputation like none other.  The brand has been around for decades (100 years, to be precise) and is well known locally among women who have used them for years. Ask your mothers and grandmothers about their favourite make up brand and there’s a good chance that Max Factor will spring to mind. What the company needed to do next was work on making the brand relatable to teens and young adults while maintaining the interest of their current loyal customers.
Max Factor Malta Content Marketing
Our work was cut out for us: build brand awareness among a younger audience, and generate engagement to boost the organic reach of the page. All without spending a penny on promotion.
A worthy digital challenge? Definitely — those are the best kind.

The Work

Strategy & Planning

First, we scanned every post that was published so far. We identified what worked and what didn’t, what fans loved and what turned them off. Next, we built strategy that would work in tandem with Facebook’s news feed and reach algorithms to slowly, but surely, increase the percentage of fans that would see the post organically.

Content Creation

We then set to work on building a content calendar for the job. It was vital that we included not only product information and special offers, as many brands do, but also throw in plenty of curated, relevant content from all over the web. Blogger content, product reviews, magazine features, catwalk news and updates from the world of make up artistry all made the list. Each post was accompanied with carefully crafted copy, designed to elicit a response.

Contest Development

The client regularly offered fans the chance to win products through the Facebook page, but none of the contests seemed to benefit the company in any way. So we tweaked the strategy behind the contests to match our original plan of action. By asking fans for their opinions, we encouraged thoughtful engagement (and also learned a lot about what makes them tick!) By choosing a winner by random draw, we set no limit to the number of participants who wanted to enter.
Max Factor Facebook Competition Content Marketing

Blogger Management

Beauty bloggers who write posts about Max Factor products soon became fast friends of the page. It’s a simple system, really. They promote the brand, and we promote them! Local blogs and vlogs provide excellent material for Facebook pages, which is why we value these relationships with everyone on our blogger network.

Client Management

Last but not least, we took over every aspect of customer management on the Facebook page. Whether they’re asking about a product, looking for their nearest store or just want to share an opinion, we always do our best to respond within a few hours. The way we see it, if they wanted to wait, they would have sent it by post.

The Results

It was the end of Month 1. We held our breath as our analysts drew up the report. Did it work? Did we manage?
You tell us:
Max Factor Statistics Content Marketing Results
We’re now well into the second month of the job, and we’re determined to improve on those results with every report.
If you’re curious about what we’re up to, follow the page on Facebook!

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