Why has Switch been inactive and what's up with the office?

Hey there. Remember us? Yes, we know – it’s been ages. We’re pretty embarrassed about being inactive, to be honest. The truth is that we’ve spent the past months focusing on dedicating all of our time to our clients. This means that we’ve done the inexcusable and neglected one of our clients – Switch itself. After some soul-searching and sifting through months’ worth of exciting content ideas, we’re back.
2016 was a great year for the agency, and 2017 is proving to be even better. We’ve been crazy busy working on some exciting projects for our clients, growing our team and seeking new and exciting opportunities.
Here’s what’s been up at the office:

We merged.

You might remember this news popping up on your feed a few months ago, but here’s the CliffsNotes version in case you missed it: Switch used to be divided into Switch Brand & Design and Switch Digital. They both lived under one roof but had two different websites, social media platforms, and identities. Things naturally led to the two agencies merging into the one you see before you today – if you want to know the juicy details, here’s the post that explains what, why and how.

We grew.

When a team of 12 becomes a team of 25 in under 3 years, you need to make room for them. So we knocked down a few walls, moved desks around and literally doubled our space by renting out the office space beneath ours. This means that we can all enjoy our lunch together in one space, thanks to the new kitchen area that seats the whole family. It also means that our desks can all fit comfortably within the airy, open plan studio – a change that helped improve our flexibility, communication and collaboration among teams.

Our sister company, Miko, has set up shop on the lower floor while leaving plenty of room for our very own photography studio. Most importantly, we’ve still got loads of space to play around with. A few exciting changes are in the works, so we’ll keep you posted.

We picked out the best.

While the design, brand and creative teams have always been focused in their areas, the digital team has changed drastically over the past 3 years. Richard started out alone in 2013 and brought Teri on board soon after. Both would roll up their sleeves and do whatever was needed, but as the work rolled in and the team started to grow, we were soon hiring specialists to cover all areas of digital marketing.  Today, we have a team of 10 fully immersed digital specialists.

We worked our asses off.

We’ll be sharing juicy details in our portfolio, but here’s a countdown:

  • 10 nationwide campaigns for Vodafone Malta
  • 9 brand identities created
  • 8 new websites launched
  • 7 months of record-breaking results for Kinnie
  • 6 events organised
  • 5 Miko spatial design projects completed
  • 4 pitches won
  • 3 interns at the office every quarter
  • 2 costume days at the office
  • 1 buzzing, motivated, happy family

What’s next?

We keep going. We keep working. We keep up the pace to get our projects out for you guys to see because we sure as hell can’t wait for the reaction. We keep changing. We keep evolving as the landscape ahead of us shifts. We can’t stop the tide, but we can decide where we want to be when it comes in.

And we write. Because this won’t be a sole blog post – rather, it’s the first of the new series of Office Bloggers we’ll be publishing every week, giving each member of the Switch family their turn to tell a story. In the meantime, you can get to know us on a more personal level on our relatively new Instagram page – instagram.com/switchmalta.

See you there!

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