Catching up with The Webby Awards – Best Media Strategy of 2016

We finally found the time to watch Monday’s Webby Awards and are ecstatic to share our favorite category of the bunch; Best Media Strategy.

Like My Addiction

With over 50,000 likes in a couple of months, Louise Delage became the new social influencer to look towards, posting fun and exciting photos of her travels, parties, and endless dinners. However, if you look closely, Louise is no ordinary girl.
Have you noticed something odd in her photos? She’s almost always holding an alcoholic drink in her hand. Louise is a textbook alcoholic.
After a couple of months, Parisian advertising agency, ‘BETC’, came clean and announced that Louise’s Instagram account was, in fact, a fake. The account was created by the agency in an attempt to raise awareness about alcoholism, especially among the younger audience.


663 million people, all around the world, are living without clean water; yet so many, who are fortunate enough to be able to drink potable water, do not understand the gravity of this unfair situation.
The organisation ‘Charity: Water’ partnered up with ‘Buzzfeed’ to create a series of their famous Tasty recipe videos, but with a spin. In each of the videos, polluted water replaces clean water to create a horrible, dirty, final dish. ‘Charity: Water’ wanted to find a way to show, not tell, people how damaging dirty water can be for one’s health.

Game Changer

When real-life NBA player, Stephen Curry, started to play better than his virtual self, ‘NBA 2k16’ released an update in the game to make video-game Curry the best player to ever walk the server.
‘Under Armour’ and ‘2k Sports’ teamed up to create an experience for fans to enjoy. The 99 rating given to Curry is the highest rating a player could achieve, making him a better shooter and overall player than anybody else.


TruTv, a television channel that carries tournament games, got tired of the endless jokes sent out by viewers about not being able to find their channel to watch a game. TruTv struck back and took control of the situation, making use of over 800 creative pieces of content. The shoot featured twitter cards, videos, and many more familiar objects. The company successfully turned confusion into engagement by using the hashtag #truTVisAThing.


It’s not easy to get people to think about soup, especially in the hot summer weather. When soup sales in Australia were falling short, Campbell’s Soup looked to Google’s new tool, Vogon, to run an engaging and entertaining campaign on YouTube. The company aimed at increasing online video engagement as well as increasing soup sales during the warm periods.
Campbell’s soup did this by telling people that whatever the weather, and the situation, Campbell has got the right soup for you to enjoy. Can’t find anything for dinner? Campbell’s got the perfect blend for you! Your favourite character lasted only one season? Campbell’s also got the right soup for you. The campaign didn’t include just one or two creative pieces of content, it included thousands; tailored specifically for personal searches and trending topics.

Which strategy was your favourite? Let us know below!

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