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Client: Tepia
Website: tepia.co
Date: 2021
Services: brand, content marketing, identity

“Working with Switch has been an honor. Their team is great, down to earth and easy to work with. They were able to look at my business deeply and honestly and together we were able to find the vision of my business and subsequently come up with the perfect content strategy. I have already recommended their services to a number of colleagues.” – Abraham Agopian, Founder

When Tepia approached us to work on their brand they had a very specific request. 

They’d seen the work we’d done on the sound of a brand and realised it was just what they needed.

As a brand that had eschewed the Silicon Valley way of doing business, Tepia focused on their hyperlocal element. As part of the Orange County community, the boutique app developers wanted a sound that represented their ethos.

Bright and early for them, and after office hours for us, we met and spoke with Tepia’s founder to initiate the discovery phase of the project. Tepia had already worked with consultants on their side of the planet to work on the brand’s culture and we used this as a springboard to start by articulating the brand’s fundamentals.

Once we were aligned at such a foundational level, we worked up from there, developing a personality and persona for the brand, codifying all we’d worked on so far into a defined set of characteristics and traits that would inform communication but also form the foundation for the sound of the brand.

Inspired by the fantastic team at Tepia and their disarming charm, bolstered by their deep technical prowess, and sprinkled with the actual sounds of Orange County itself, we built a document that articulates the magic formula to write anything in a way that will sound unmistakably Tepia.

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