MCAST | Student Enrolment Campaign

Client: MCAST
Date: 2020


MCAST – a state-run college for Arts, Science, and Technology, had a brand new course prospectus. They approached us with a specific intent – that of reaching a broader audience than usual with the goal of increasing applications across the board.


Education is competitive. With several private and public entities offering an overlapping prospectus, MCAST was keen to push its reputation as a deciding factor amongst prospective students.

We are also aware that we are speaking to two very different audiences simultaneously – potential students themselves as well as a group of parents who still exert an influence on their child’s education choices.

How we went about it

Influencing people to take action is more complex than it sounds, and our approach was to implement our plan in three acts – Building awareness, increasing consideration, and influencing conversion – using both ads and on-page content. 

During the awareness stage, our communication with both audiences was aimed at presenting MCAST as an attractive option for studies. We did this by presenting information about the school itself as well as the specific outcomes that students would enjoy as a result or their time spent at MCAST.

Our messages during the second stage were all about more specific MCAST benefits as well as the way MCAST could provide support that would help students make the right choice.

Finally, the conversion stage was aimed at letting audiences know that applications were open, to push them to take that final step in pursuing further studies.

Alongside these tactical efforts, we created information streams that added information about the college itself, life on the MCAST campus, and content designed to pitch educational pathways in a way that was meant to appeal to a potential student’s lifestyle choices, avoiding technical or complex messaging.


Despite having a small budget to run content both as ads and as on-page posts, the results achieved were quite impressive. The on-page posts reached over 39k people and generated almost 327k Impressions, while the ads reached over 48k individuals and generated almost 2.5 million impressions.

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