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The Mediterranean Classic Since 1952

Client: Farsons
Services: Photography, Art Direction

The Brief

In mid-2018, Kinnie revamped their brand identity as well as its products and packaging. 2019 was the year the brand would showcase its updated look and feel, in tandem with the introduction of their new glass bottle.

We had four goals
for 2019

Showcase the new Kinnie brand with its revamped look, voice, and values.

Reinforce brand love, specifically with the younger generation who feel Kinnie is an old generation drink. Brand awareness was not strictly necessary as it is a wellknown brand in Malta.

Remind people that Kinnie can be used as a mixer with alcoholic drinks as well.

Create a link between Kinnie and local arts and culture.


In 2019, we worked hand in hand with the team at Farsons on a 360° communication plan for Kinnie.

The plan included social media, a new website, outdoor advertising, instore POS and promotions and experiential marketing.

We launched Kinnie’s new look on Instagram in January 2019. As a brand trying to appeal to a younger audience, aesthetics were very important to achieve the effect we wanted to replicate. While we wanted to retain the brand identity, Instagram gave us an opportunity to experiment with ‘influencer-style photography’, which is very popular on the platform.

As a result, user-generated content started increasing as more people found the product Instagram-worthy. Furthermore, we gained an average of over 4% engagement rate and a 40% reach rate.

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