Dwarna | Brand Identity & Content

Client: Dwarna
Date: April 2019
Services: Brand, Identity

Dwarna was created to help foster collaboration between medical researchers and clinical communities that focus on genetics. Collaborating mostly with entities that work within genetics research – biobanks, specialised disease clinics, university researchers, and the pharmaceutical industry amongst others – Dwarna was founded as a long-term project to help cure genetic diseases, specifically those that affect the Maltese gene pool.

Being extremely technical and run by scientists who feel more comfortable in a laboratory than communicating within public fora, Dwarna needed to work on its public-facing persona. That is where Switch stepped in.

Beginning with a thorough brand analysis, we established an identity and tone of voice which would make it ideal for communicating with the Maltese population at large. Being quite a technical idea to convey, vocabulary and language had to be as easily-consumable as possible and shared on platforms where it would make the most impact, such as Facebook and terrestrial television channels.