P is for Pay

P is for Pay

There are hundreds of payment methods you could use to get your latest issue of Cosmopolitan, however we are going to narrow the list to 4 of the most popular payment methods on the web, these being:

  1. Apple Pay
  2. Android Pay
  3. PayPal
  4. Bitcoin

Apple Pay

Apply pay, making credit cards redundant since October 2014. Basically, Apple pay allows you to store your credits cards in your “Passbook”. Once the cards are stored, to pay for your shopping all you need to do is put your phone over contactless readers and your purchase will be completed. Now obviously the first thing that comes to mind is “but what if someone steals my phone?”, Apple came up with a quick solution to that. If your phone is stolen all you need to do is sign in to iCloud and enable “lost mode” which will suspend Apple pay. Another pro to Apple pay is that your card details are never actually stored with apple, but are stored within the phone itself, so every purchase you make will never be recorded with apple, so yes go ahead and order the Michael Buble Limited Edition box set, no one will ever know.
Apple pay

Android Pay

Who could have predicted Android coming out with a payment method after Apple did? Anyway, with android pay there is no application involved, all you need to is tap the phone over a contactless reader. Upon purchase, loyalty points and offers are automatically applied. Regarding your card safety, android has got your back, because android uses a virtual account number so that your credit card and debit card details will never be sent out. Whenever you make a purchase, android pay will give you the merchant’s name and number, for theft reasons. Lose your phone, don’t sweat it! Android device manager allows you to instantly lock your device, change your password and wipe clean all your personal info, you know, James Bond style. In the near future, android pay will be available for use at McDonald’s, Subway, Macy’s, Best Buy and many more retail outlets.
Android pay


Okay, so we see PayPal almost everywhere, but what exactly is it? Paypal provides users to pay online without revealing any of your financial data. The brilliant thing about paypal is that it uses the latest encryption and anti-fraud technology. Probably, the one place we all know paypal from is ebay. It simplified the process and made those midnight online shopping cravings a hundred times easier.
Paypal logo


The conception of bitcoin is kind of a mystery, but what we know is that it has become a massive online P2P transaction method. However, the thing about bitcoin is that it can never be regulated, and we all know what that means.
In 2014 the CEO of BitInstant, Charlie Shrem (bitcoin exchange) was officially arrested for selling over 1 million dollars in bitcoins to Silk Road users, who would use the bitcoins to buy drugs. Anywho, bitcoin is a new payment system of digital money. It is owned and run by the users around the world.


All in all, we may easily come to the conclusion that in just a few years time we could all say goodbye to our paper money, and say hello to cryptocurrency.

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