D is for Developing relationships

D for Developing relationships

Developing Relationships

Okay, so technically this isn’t one word. Forgive us for this one, but we felt it was far too important not to mention.
Those of you who are number crunching analysts might be wondering why we’ve decided to pull a Dr. Phil, but don’t worry – we’ll make it worth your while.
Developing relationships is important for obvious reasons, but in the world of Digital Marketing these reasons are sometimes forgotten. We get so caught up in calls to action, growth hacking, and KPIs that we forget what the root to all successful digital marketing is.
Marketing has always been linked to humans, stories, and relationships. Just because it has moved onto the digital aspect it doesn’t mean that this is any different. We don’t call them Social Media platforms for nothing.
Relationships on Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs…. you name it – they all involve a complex network of relationships. If the relationships were to end then so would the social media platforms.
So in what world would it make sense to create a marketing strategy which checks all the boxes but forgets about that one fundamental core – the development of relationships?

How do you do it?

You can’t exactly instantly become best friends with your consumers (without coming across as creepy) – but you can slowly build and develop a relationship with them.

Show them you’re human

If you want them to love you you’re going to give them something to love. Show that your brand is made of real people, not zombies.

Engage in conversation

Don’t be afraid to talk to your consumers. Ask them questions and reply in a genuine manner.
Simply using your first name could make all the difference.

Share content which they can relate to

Sometimes all it takes is a simple post which makes them smile. It could be as easy as a post related to Monday morning madness, or something about the weekend.

Be a Social Listener

Keep an eye on what people are saying about your brand. Do they love it or hate it and why? Reward those who love you and speak to those who have any problems.

Why do you do it?

You do it because you can. You do it because you’re human, and part of being human is the development of relationships. Gone are the days when companies shout at their audience in an attempt to get their attention. 2015 is the year of Human to Human marketing, so make it your aim to start developing relationships with your audiences in order to earn their loyalty.
If you’re still struggling to understand why developing relationships is so important then take a look at this:

So tell us… will you be bringing the love back?

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