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I like ‘weird’ – to be exact, I like weird people. I find them extraordinarily interesting and unique compared to the rest. I admire them because they do not fear criticism, they do what they actually want to do, they strongly believe in their opinion and they are free from any ‘prejudices’.
From the day we are born, along the ‘growing up’ age and after, we are constantly told what is wrong and what is right, what is acceptable and what is not. Society tries to build us in such way that we are meant to be equal, aim for a similar ‘better’ future and we all tend to share the same dreams – a house, a good job, a strong family and that mysterious happily ever after. Nothing is wrong with that, I admit, but if we look back at history, we will see that the people who were standing out from the crowd made the biggest discoveries and, most of the times, they were considered ‘crazy’.
Colombo would have never found America if it wasn’t for his fearless passion for traveling; Da Vinci wouldn’t be known if he was afraid to build his inventions. The list of these different, yet innovative people is endless.
Each and every one of us, deep down and at least once, thought that he was born to make a difference and standout, and that one day he will change the world and leave a mark in history. So think outside the box, have the courage to express yourself and actually enjoy the results of it; don’t kill the craziness inside you. Don’t be afraid of being different; be afraid of being the same as everyone else. Find the Salvador Dali in you – live YOUR life the way it makes you happy – the weird way. 😉

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