Be a digital marketer, look cool like Beyonce

10 Signs That You're a Digital Marketer

If you’re a digital marketer you’re probably all too familiar with the question ‘but what do you do exactly?’ asked at family gatherings or school reunions. It can get exhausting and you’ve probably got the same standard answer you use with everyone. But what does it actually mean to be a digital marketer?
Here are some of our favourite signs that you’re a digital marketer all explained through what we thought were the most appropriate gifs. Because after all, what digital marketer doesn’t love gifs?

1. Friends and family think you ‘do Facebook’

Eye-roll gif

2. You only watch the Super Bowl for the adverts

super bowl gif

3. You expect there to be an infographic for everything – and get annoyed if you don’t find one

Outrage gif

4. Friends and family turn to you when they need a social media savvy person to stalk someone

Stalker gif

5. You show off your Tweet Deck, E-mail Scheduler, HootSuite account, and Google Analytics overview to your non Digital Marketing friends – just to look cool

so cool, fabulous gif

6. You get unnaturally excited about lists like this

excited gif

7. Your personal e-mails start to look like content marketing – the catchy subject line, bullet points, use of hyperlinks, a clear call to action…

just no gif

8. You turn off your Ad blocker just so that you can study other adverts

Regret nothing gif

9. You can’t just dismiss a bad website, it physically hurts you and you’ve got to give the person you’re with a complete breakdown on why it’s so horrible

Taylor swift horrible gif

10. Everything becomes an opportunity for a blog post

on my blog gif

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