Switch Spotlight: Nicole Borg, Intern

Switch Spotlight: Nicole Borg, Intern

A little bit about me

Hi 🙂 I am Nicole, I am a marketing student pursuing a master’s degree in digital marketing and strategic management at University of Malta. My interest towards marketing started not so long ago as my first degree is in accounts and management, but I felt the need to top up my career by moving in the dynamic and creative world of marketing.

Where it all started

My first encounter with Switch was from a workshop organised by my university, whereby various practitioners were invited to give their professional advice on various business matters. I remember after I had heard Switch’s presentation my first thought was how interesting must it be to work with these guys, which followed with checking out their website and following their socials. So, I could say that I felt inspired by their speech, but things just moved on because at that time I did not aspire to start a career in marketing. Then I graduated and thought, was it next? After lots of thinking and up and downs I finally decided to take the masters I am in the midst of right now. 

However, I wanted the hands-on experience as well and started actively looking for an opportunity. 

It didn’t take me long to remember Switch. I looked the name up, went on their website, searched for an email and sent my interest for an internship. A few days later I received an email from my manager, Luke, asking for my availability for an interview. After the interview I eagerly waited for Luke on whether I got the position. 


First day at the office

On my first day, all excited but a little bit nervous, I walked up to the office and was greeted with a smile, it was my manager Luke. He gave me a tour around the office and started setting online meetings to meet the entire team. After a few weeks in, remote working was still new to me so at first I did find it hard to establish connections with the team and getting used to the whole ‘not being in an office’ kind of thing, but soon I learnt the collaborative power of this agency that does not make you feel alone. Yes, online meetings can be tiring at times, but personally I found it useful as it helped me balance more my university stuff and Switch.

Fast forward to 6 months

I have become more familiar with the practical side of how B2C and B2B marketing works and the process to come with the final product as well as the tools used in the process for content creation, scheduling and posting. Additionally, being that I was involved in plenty of internal meetings I got to see real-life discussions and issues that a leading marketing agency experiences. With Switch I got the opportunity to work independently on my tasks but always found the help where needed.

What I learned about Switch

Overall the agency is a very forward driven and creative place to work, made up of wholesome and dedicated individuals highly committed for the success of the agency and their clients as well as the wellbeing of every person in the agency. What I love about Switch is the flatness of the organisation, that you can talk to anyone almost as a friend and everyone is ready to listen to someone else’s opinion without a problem. Every person’s opinion and expertise is valued. The unique capability and foundation of the agency is teamwork and seamless collaboration. Everyone is ready to help as much as they can without hesitation and work seamlessly as everybody knows what is their part in a task. Also, people at Switch know when it is time for business and when it is time to let loose and have fun whether it is 10 mins in a meeting or an organised internal event.

Final comments

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire agency from onboarding to the very last day of my internship for greeting me with a warm welcome and helping me to improve my skills in this field. Especially to Luke, Ernesta and Kim who guided me in every step of the way and trusted me with various tasks. I am very grateful and inspired to take with me what I learned and apply them to my future career.

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