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Client: Galea & Galea - Nior London

After the success of the Dr Organic product launch a couple of years ago that resulted in a 45% increase in sales within 6 months, Galea & Galea returned with a brand new product: the Capsule Collection from Nior London.

Our approach with Nior London

We took a different approach this time around, one that suited the brand and its story. You see, Nior London is no ordinary skin care brand – it’s the result of years of research, testing and experience that led its creator Anika to formulate the perfect solutions for her own skin problems. She’s now sharing her formula with women facing similar skin concerns. However, she’s determined to keep her brand rooted in its core values: Honesty, Integrity and Results.

The brand story is a personal one of empowerment and innovation, and there’s no one who can better tell the story than Anika herself. That’s exactly why she visited our sunny island in April to share her story with the help of her supplier, and our client, Galea & Galea.

How we did it

We opted for an intimate event at the pretty Palazzo Castelletti. We invited Malta’s top socialites within Nior’s target audience. This included members of the press, beauty and lifestyle bloggers, influencers and beauticians. The only criteria was that they fit the target audience and would therefore have a real interest in the product. Anika herself introduced them to the 5 products in the Capsule Collection during the event. Before long, all the attendees were soon chatting away about the features of each product. The venue was perfect for this, inviting interaction and engagement thanks to the enclosed, quiet courtyard and open plan arrangement.

Each guest enjoyed a sample of products to take home with them. It will be a couple of months before the guests’ reviews are published with their honest reactions, since the product needs to be used over a period of time for best results. We’re confident that when they do, it will kick start a widespread organic conversation surrounding the products. Nothing is forced, nothing is promoted aggressively, and absolutely no review is paid for. All of this was done purposely to maintain the 3 brand values we’re determined to protect: Honesty, Integrity and Results.

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