Star Wars x Spotify

Client: Switch
Date: 4 May, 2021

There is a universal rule as powerful as Newton’s and Einsteins laws. In any office gathering of more than 20 people there are bound to be at least two Star Wars nerds.

So when May the 4th comes around, there is more chatter about Star Wars around the coffee machine at the office. Only this year, the coffee machine at the office is as lonely as Luke Skywalker during the decades in between the movies he stars in.

We did have video call creative sessions though. As much as we love to meet in person, work had to go on and ideas generated. Melissa has more to say about this here. Sometimes, good creative takes two narratives that many of us are familiar with and combines them in an unusual way. In this case, we took the much-beloved Spotify Wrapped story format and applied it to the Star Wars universe. What, we asked ourselves, would Spotify Wrapped look like for some of the characters in the pan-galactic saga?

Our lists ran pages long but we had to be reminded that we need to fit billed work in between Star Wars fun and games. Here’s what we were allowed to create by the powers that run the schedules.

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