Max Factor Squad | Content Creation

Client: Max Factor
Date: May 2017
Services: photography

The Max Factor brand is 100 years old. Our grandmothers used the classic products as young women and still follow the brand today. So when V.J. Salomone asked us to engage younger audiences without spending a penny on advertising, we knew it would be a challenge.

Serious and sophisticated, the brand lacked the vibrant, playful content that girls respond to. So we carefully crafted fresh content that targeted younger audiences via organically driven competitions and blogger influence, all while staying strictly within brand.

Three years into our relationship, we’re now taking it to the next level with a campaign that is also being used by Max Factor Global: The Max Factor Squad. We accessed our database of influencers to identify the best 6 beauty bloggers, personalities and models to form a team of 6 brand ambassadors, each one highlighting the way the brand helps them accentuate “My Factor”.

As a result, we multiplied the organic Facebook reach and engagement by 600% within the first month alone.

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