Moving abroad Great Britain to Malta


Moving to Malta

After recently graduating, I have decided to take the time to get inspired by other cultures – even if that meant moving to a foreign country on my own. This is why I have decided to travel 3,000 km away from home.
moving abroad Great Britain to Malta
Moving to Malta from the United Kingdom was definitely a big change. My desire to learn how to design for a different audience other than the UK and expand my knowledge was what pushed me into packing my bags and move to a tiny hot island. This is something that I believe is important for a designer to do: expand your knowledge, reach new audiences, and understand new markets.
Needless to say, what I am currently gaining from this experience abroad is vast and memorable. There is just so much that I am learning everyday, sometimes by simply wandering around the streets and seeing a different lifestyle, architecture, or colors. I have also contributed my work to designing in the Maltese language – completely foreign and incomprehensible to me, but still incredibly interesting and creative.
I have not just gained more from the design point of view, but I am also learning a lot about life skills. I have met new people, made new friends, and working in a fun environment such as Switch Digital has been an abundant way to experience my move to Malta – in the best way possible.

What am I trying to say?

Don’t restrict yourself to where you are – MOVE! Take the leap and enjoy the journey. Remember: design is creative, so have a creative lifestyle.
Don’t forget to make the most out of every experience, as they will help you become the best designer and human that you can be.
I am not saying that having a creative lifestyle is easy; packing your bags and moving to a different city or country (and why not, continent) can be extremely terrifying and difficult. Pierre Bernardo said ‘to travel is to evolve’, and I truly agree with him.
moving abroad Great Britain to Malta

‘Design is a journey of discovery.’ – Derek Parker

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