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How to keep colleagues in the loop

Here at Switch we’re in constant communication with each other, but even though we’re always discussing client projects, we sometimes get so caught up in everything else that we don’t have the time to discuss what we’re working on in-house. That’s why we’ve started sending out a weekly mailer to everyone in the office to keep team spirits high and ensure there’s full communication across the floor. This way everyone knows which blog posts are up, how in-house projects are progressing, and everyone can share and enjoy our successes!
Of course no one enjoys reading a chunky office e-mail, so we keep it light and breezy with gifs for added humour (because who doesn’t love gifs?) making sure that everyone looks forward to finding the e-mail in their inbox. 
Here’s an idea of what our latest office mailer looked like.
Hi all 🙂
Let’s begin…
Digital is human

Digital is Human

We launched recently and already have a tonne of responses (and we haven’t even started boosting properly yet!). Digital is Human will be a series of free lessons on marketing for humans and two lessons will be uploaded in the form of blog posts every week. We kick off on the 2nd of June with Rik’s post which will be an introductory one. This is going to be a huge team effort and is the first of it’s kind on this beloved rock of ours.

 swag gif

^ Jus’ sayin’


If you haven’t heard, BeeWits has pretty much exploded thanks to the Hourly Rate Generator Tool
We’ve also got over 1000 subscribers to the BeeWits newsletter (1663 to be precise) … that’s not quite over 9000 but we’re getting there! We’ve been mentioned on, FastCoDesign, CreativeBloq, DesignTaxi and Contently and it generated more than 2000 shares over Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc and @BeeWitsApp got mentioned and retweeted hundreds of times

The little mermaid Gif

also here’s a lovely blog post which will give you great resources if you need some contracts.

The Office Bloggers

Simon’s blog post has just been published and you can find out what he has to say about client/agency relationships – really worth a read! Teri will be up next with hers.

The A-Z of Digital Marketing

We’ve gone back to primary school and started a new series of blog posts (no more 10 before 10:00) called The A to Z of Digital Marketing. Monday’s blog post was on A for analyse, next Monday’s will be B for Brand, the week after that will be C for Content, the week after that will be D for Devel- you see where this is going.


The Intro Series

Here’s Richard’s guide for writing a Digital Brief, part of the Intro series – a series of blog posts served to provide an introduction to digital marketing and which explains particular topics in more detail.

Aaaand that’s it.
Quite a productive week if I may say so myself!
Of course we do more than send out office e-mails in order to improve our office spirits. We emphasise team work in everything we do, “Stop collaborate and listen” is more than just a Vanilla Ice lyric for us – it’s policy. That’s why every Friday we meet in the boardroom for a brain storming session where each week a different member of staff puts together a presentation, game, or team building activity.

Apart from that we’ve got The Office Bloggers series where every week a different person from the office writes a blog post about what it is that interests them about their job. This shines a light on everyone’s work and shows the dynamic characters found in an industry like ours while giving a voice to even the quietest person in the office.
If that’s not enough we’ve got the ultimate secret weapon which brings us all together – a love of food. To some of us food is functional, to others it’s a passion – either way, the quickest and easiest way to get us all into a room for a chat and a laugh is through food.It’s also the best way into our hearts, so if you ever show up on our doorstep please bring cookies.
So what do you think – is it time for you to focus more on the people behind the work? Is it time for you to become more human?

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