The Big Book of Marketing Trends 2024 [Free eBook]

The Big Book of Trends 2024 [Free eBook]

Every year, we take a look back at what happened so we can predict what’s coming next.

In 2023, the big shakeup of generative AI, a growing dissatisfaction amongst consumers, and ongoing crises around the world have led to trends that we’ve already seen before, but given them newer, sharper importance.

2024 could be a year of diving profits, increasing dissatisfaction, and an impossible-to-overcome disconnect. Instead, the trends we’ve seen coming for this year leave a lot of room for hope: brands are still going strong, consumers still look to business as their guide into a more sustainable and supportive future, and small changes in the way we work have led to gigantic leaps for the better.

We’ve looked at BI. We’ve looked at consumer macro trends. We’ve looked at social media, marketing, brand and storytelling trends.

Now we’re handing it over to you. Everything we’ve researched, everything we’ve put together, everything you need to make sense of 2024 and start strengthening your business for the now, and the beyond-now.

May it serve you well!

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