The Big Book of Marketing Trends 2023 [Free eBook]

Here’s this year’s edition of our big book of marketing trends for 2023. It’s everything we hoped for and then some more.

Last year we swung into 2022 with a wave of optimism. This year we’re hanging onto some of that optimism but we’re a little more cautious about what’s next. 

Trends are, well, trends – they are a flutter of behavioural activities that can be clustered by the number of people who are adopting them but there is no certainty about whether they will hang around.

They also exist in context. The world is entering a period of economic uncertainty. It is also entering a very exciting time as AI joins the fray in a way that’s finally meaningful. Both of these bring with them opportunity and concern. And that’s just two parameters that will have a significant impact on the way we think, the way we speak, the way we behave, the way we convene, and the way we spend our time…

We’ve looked at the landscape from the point of view that we inhabit. We examine design, marketing, brand, consumer behaviour, B2B, social media and plenty more, as we take a peek into what we think is in store for us.

As always, we’ve had a blast putting all of this together and putting it out there into the world for it to be a useful resource for our colleagues – marketing practitioners around the world. May it serve you well.

PS. This was not written with the help of an AI. Or maybe it was. Can you tell?

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